Worship During Covid-19

Dear Church Family,

Our prayers have been answered. We are able to have worship in the church again! Great News! We plan to have worship Saturdays at 4:30pm and Sundays at 9am. We can legally have worship. We just now have to make sure that we are safely having worship. Church should be a place where a person feels safe. Let’s ALL try to make this safe for everyone, regardless of how we feel about it. Someday things will go back to normal but we are not at that point yet.

The following are steps that the authors of this letter (pastor, president, elders) have come up with to make this as safe as we can.

In general more people should come on Saturday maybe not every week, but perhaps try every other week going on Saturday.

  • Hymnals will be removed and only bulletins will be used and taken home.
  • Sit every other pew spaced out in the pews, families can be grouped, Elders will help with seating.
  • No passing collection plates, there will be baskets as you enter and exit the service
  • No shaking hands
  • No greeters
  • No communion during worship (We plan on doing communion Friday June 12 in the same format as we did before, look to the June newsletter for more info.)
  • We will be dismissed from the front of church and exit out the front of church (by the TV) and exit the church immediately.
  • Conversations are to be kept outside, remember to respect others' space, you might be comfortable, but others are not.
  • You are welcome to wear a face mask; your consideration is appreciated.

If you are not comfortable coming to church, do not feel that you have to. We are still going to offer our online/phone call services for everyone who wants it. Bulletins will be offered online in the place of captions on the screen. You can come back as you feel comfortable.

This weekend will serve as an experiment, we will see how it goes. These policies are subject to change at any time.

In Christ,

Pastor Kesting, Wally Sedlar, Chuck Dimler, Dale Sternhagen