We are planning on offering communion twice a month. Once during a worship service and once outside of worship.

For communion during worship (first Sunday of the month) communion will be given at the end of the service, we ask that members remain in their seats, when an elder lets them know that they can go, they should exit by the TV go up the aisle receive communion and throw away their plate and exit the building.

For communion outside of worship, we will have communion the 3rd Friday of the month from 5:00-6:30p. In order for this to be as safe a thing as possible for members to do, we ask that everyone follow the instructions below.

  • Please park in the parking lot (if there are many cars there already, think about coming back at a different time).

  • Please observe social distancing in the parking lot, maybe you are fine being closer to people but I assure not all members are.

  • We will commune by family group, so it might be 1 person, if he/she is alone, or a couple, or a family that is living together in the same house.

  • Only leave your vehicle when you are directed to.

  • Enter through the carport door. The doors will be propped open, please avoid touching anything on your way in, if you can.

  • Wait by the entrance to the sanctuary to be directed to come in and down the aisle.

  • Stand before the table in the front of church. Pastor will give you communion on a paper plate after a short confession and absolution.

  • When done take your plate and throw it away as you leave through the side door.

  • Exit through either the basement or the car port door.